“The DreadKnots”

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River recovered heart pine flooring.River recovered heart pine flooring. Suwannee river heart pine. recovered heart pine flooring. reclaimed heart pine flooringCapt. Clint and Kraken showing of one of several logs found on a recent trip to the withalacoochee river. Notice the log still has the peg used to hold it in place

12 thoughts on ““The DreadKnots”

  1. I love what you guys do on the Axe men show and watch yall every week. I catch rattlesnakes and cottonmouths for a living on the rivers in southeast Georgia and make custom leather products with them. Are there a good many large cottonmouths on the Withlacoochee and in that area? I use the big ones to make guitar straps and the small ones to make gun slings.

    • Marc, there are snakes everywhere down here. We are always having to check around before bailing off in the water or on a river bank.

  2. I love to watch you guys. I grew up hearing tales about the suwanee river. I live in North Ga. I wanted to give you props and wish you luck! Be safe. Have you ever heard of good wood in the Etowah or Coosa River? or do you just log in Fla?

    • Thank you Christy! We only log in Florida. River Logging in Ga. is next to impossible because of the state laws along with the permits and fees required.

  3. I enjoy watching you boys on the Ax Men show, that Kraken reminds me so much of my late,great buddy George. We are both just good ole country red necks who loved to hunt and fish together. Loved Krakens line on the show : 300 pounds of Twisted steel and Sex appeal… gotta put that on a Kraken tshirt

  4. Hi. I’ve got a question. I’ve been on the Suwannee quite a bit and I live very close to the Withlacoochee in Citrus County, Florida. Is this the same Withlacoochee you guys log on or is there another one. I’ve never heard of aqua logging on our Withlacoochee. Thanks.

    • Yeah, thats the other Withlacoochee River. The one we log on starts in Georgia and flows into the Suwannee. Its an odd name and for there to be 2 rivers named that so close together is strange.

  5. Hey you guys.. just thought I would let you all know that here in the UK we watch axe men all the time and think you guys are truly great!! Keep up the good work, its great tv. I have just watched the episode when Kraken got trapped under that log, so how far are we behind in the series on this side of the world?

  6. Hi my name is blake herrin and im a former United states marine and I really love the show. I wish I had yalls job bet I would sleep better at night ha ha. This is a shot in the dark but is there any way I could get an autographed picture of all of yall please.

  7. It was great to meet you guys the other weekend on your scouting trip. I don’t know if you are needing a place to stay but I have 35 acres you all are welcome to park on or use to store your stuff. I love the show and enjoy watching it every week. Great episode last week raising the money for “pops” You guys are a class act and truly represent the south. My cell number is on my website give me a call if you guys need any help if your ever scouting again.

  8. I love to watch you guys every Sunday :) I live in West Virginia. Hopefully you guys can come close to where I live and see the beautiful State of West Virginia :) If you ever do I hope my brother and I can meet you

  9. I seriously enjoy watching ya’ll whoop the old men at harvesting logs. I just watched the episode where ya’ll provided them with some adult diapers. I guess now they won’t have to go to the nearest Wally World for at least a week. I also laughed so darn hard about the bra you gave PB for his moobs (man boobs). I almost fell off the couch on that one.
    Just keep on keeping on, and always stay safe with what you do.
    Much Redneck love.

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